Starting a Business

Albury is a city of opportunity with a robust economy and Council strategies in place to encourage and support innovation and sustainable growth – in short, it's the perfect place to start your new business.

There's no denying that the process of beginning a business can be daunting, and AlburyCity staff can assist with a range of information about business startup or expansion. We can also direct you to organisations that can provide advice on education and training, workforce planning and grants that are currently available.

Top reasons to launch a startup in Albury include:

  • A collaborative community with a thriving society of ideas.
  • Extensive networking opportunities with business leaders, mentors, partners and government agencies.
  • Our connectivity means scalability into metro or international locations is achievable.
  • Albury's diversity translates to an exciting and progressive environment in which to test your ideas.
  • The city's liveability means its easier to recharge your batteries in the midst of the startup process.


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